Welcome to XtTech!

About me

I'm a computer engineering Ph.D. student at UMASS Amherst, working as a RA in MASSLAB.

I'm determined to make useful products for our society with my research results.

I'm passionate about what I'm doing, always enjoying the process of self-improvement, and love to work with excellent people.

I identify myself as a self-motivated researcher, engineer, and leader with a variety of skills. I care about my work but even more so for those I work with and customers I serve in the process.

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About XtTech

"XtTech" is my Personal Brand.

I think technology is interesting, and the ultimate goal of technology is to make people's lives better. That's why I'm so passionate about tech.

About this website

Update 2021.07.27: After strategic planning, I finally decided to build all my personal sites with wordpress (and self-develop themes and plugins) before budiling a fully customized site from strach.

Update 2022.02.04: I decide to close my blog for now. I will get it back up when I think it's appropriate.